Video : Women’s Sydney Sevens Final 2018

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Women’s Cup final – Australia 31 New Zealand 0

Australia have claimed gold with a simply spectacular rout of New Zealand in the Cup final.

Superb defence put the Aussies straight on the front foot, pinning New Zealand inside their own 22 before Shannon Parry forced a turnover and scored a try 30 seconds later.

One thought on “Video : Women’s Sydney Sevens Final 2018

  1. Thank you so much! I have searched high and low to find a full replay of our Aussie girls winning the Sydney final. Some things just happen, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes a plan, a commitment, an execution, and a result are earned and achieved.
    Things didn’t happen for the Kiwi girls in this one, but they will come back even stronger, we all know that.
    To not concede a single point over the whole weekend, is absolute testament to what we all have been saying for years, get there in defence EVERY time, and that requires total commitment to training, fitness and doing it for each other. Keep it up, Australia, you deserve all the accolades you are getting, and then some!
    Love yas all!

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