Three Factors to Consider in Choosing an Anti-Counterfeiting Technology for Your Brand

Counterfeiting happens in the industry. They are much visible in the market. If your brand gets counterfeited, that will surely bring a negative result to your business. You could lose earnings, profits and worse, the trust and confidence of your customers. A anti-counterfeiting technology is therefore worth your investment. Although it takes some money, the result will be good. You can safeguard your brand and products from imitation, and you can hedge your earnings, profits and reputation.

When it comes to choosing an anti-counterfeiting technology, there is a number of factors which you need to take into account. These help you figure out the best option to pick to the end that your business gets the best kind of protection. Please read on to learn the three essential factors in selecting an anti-counterfeiting technology for your brand.

Three Factors to Consider in Choosing an Anti-Counterfeiting Technology


You are investing in an anti-counterfeiting technology, therefore you should get the results by all means. Sometimes, counterfeiters succeed in their plans even when an anti-counterfeiting technology is on play. The problem is that the technology lacks the ability to provide the level of security that your brand or business demands. Hence, it is very important to look into this crucial aspect when you are in the process of picking an anti-counterfeiting technology. You should check the kind as well as the level of technology that it can provide to your business, whether it is protection from physical replication, online replication or even chemical manipulation.


Another very essential factor to consider when choosing an anti-counterfeiting technology is the effectiveness of the cost. Here, you need to analyze the costing trend of having that specific anti-counterfeiting technology on board. Do not just account the acquisition cost of the technology but also take into consideration its implementation cost and maintenance cost. In addition to that, you may need to consider the cost it will take for you to appropriately train your employees for the implementation of the technology into your business’ system. Whenever possible, go for an anti-counterfeiting technology that helps you adequately cover your business brand with security against imitation but at the same time is not financially burdensome.


The needs of your business will grow immense. The conditions in the industry will change too. When in the lookout for the best and the right anti-counterfeiting technology, it matters to consider one that will adopt with the changes of your business and the industry over time. Indeed, scalability is one of the aspects that you need to take into account when looking for an anti-counterfeiting technology to invest in. Failure on the part of your business to consider this aspect in the selection of an anti-counterfeiting technology may end you up enjoy the benefits of the technology for a couple of years or so and then back to dangerous zone in the next coming years. Always be mindful that counterfeiting schemes are evolving too.

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